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ENCM is an emergency food box satellite of Second Harvest of Middle Tennessee. Approximately 450 food boxes are distributed on a monthly basis to residents of 37206 and 37213. ENCM is currently the third largest food box distribution site in Nashville.

In addition to the food provided by Second Harvest, Publix, Kroger, and our member churches provide fresh produce and bread on a daily basis that we use to supplement the food boxes. The breads, fruit, and vegetables are a huge help to the families we serve.


ENCM distributes on average thirty five sack lunches to the homeless/transient population of East Nashville every day. Sack lunches include an entrée, crackers, desert, and a drink. From peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to hot chili, the lunches ENCM hands out are a blessing to those who can not make it to a hot community meal at the other homeless shelters/missions in Nashville due to lack of transportation. Some of the persons we serve lunch to come on their lunch break from their work that does not pay them enough to be able to purchase lunch out every day they work.


ENCM maintains a clothes closet to serve homeless, refugees, ex-offenders, group homes, and other social service agencies on a referral basis. All other persons pay prices under five dollars to purchase clothing items and household goods. Purchasing goods for a small amount helps to provide persons with a sense of dignity and responsibility.


ENCM provides assistance to people in need including medical supplies, personal care items and food boxes (for those not quailified for the Second Harvest Program). Care packages including hats and gloves are invaluable during the winter months. ENCM provides access to phone services, bathroom facilities, and a mailbox to receive mail at –all valued essential services for persons who are homeless.


ENCM’s Soul Feast is a popular program that provides a community dinner and worship service on Thursday nights. The program is designed to feed person’s souls as well as their bodies. The service is open to all who would come. ENCM’s member churches take time to host the different services and prepare the food.

Similar to Soul Feast is ENCM’s annual Lenten Lunches. Every Wednesday beginning with Ash Wednesday through Holy Week different East Nashville churches open their doors to provide lunch for the community followed by a brief service centered around themes from the Christian Lenten season. An average Lenten Lunch will provide a wholesome lunch and worshipful experience to eighty five persons any given week.

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