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The East Nashville Cooperative Ministry is a Christian, ecumenical organization created and maintained for the purpose of improving the East Nashville community by addressing the spiritual, educational, economic, mental, physical, and emotional needs of its citizens, as individuals and as a community.

Since 1972, East Nashville Cooperative Ministry has been caring for the needs of the poor and homeless of East Nashville. ENCM is a 501c3 non-profit, interdenominational organization, which is currently supported by 17 local churches.

We function as a “safety-net,” helping the elderly, poor, disabled, unemployed, and disadvantaged to avoid falling into homelessness. To reduce the duplication of services, we operate as a “clearing house” for services and referrals. Churches and other agencies regularly send people to us for assistance.

Our purpose is to carry out programs of Christian Ministry and witness. Such programs include but are not limited to: joint worship services, programs of education, counseling, and spiritual growth, and direct aid to persons who suffer economic hardships and basic physical deprivation. We seek to demonstrate a prophetic witness to the larger community in response to the observed ills and evils of our society.

Past and present programs have included food distribution, clothing distribution, eye clinic, educations programs, job development, counseling referrals, weekly hot meal and worship experience, and volunteer opportunities.

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